Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I grew up in an unchurched household. Our family "flirted" with the Church, yet no one made any commitments to study and become a member of the Church. We attended Men's Club summer picnics, the occasional summer Bible School, and some services.

My mother's side of our family (and one of Dad's brothers) had a 6 generation legacy in the Church. A famous missionary to Michigan and Ontario, J.J. Cornish, wrote a book about his travels and church work. Our family is given mention as Brother Cornish baptized the Edwards family near London, Ontario, Canada.

For at least the first 100 years of the Reorganization of the Church, the official church newspaper carried a banner declaring in essence that "We are not Utah Mormons." It was kinda like meeting a nationalistic Canadian that spends more time explaining why the United States is so bad and little time bragging about what is so wonderful about Canada. The search for a unique identity gets lost.

I have been a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) since the age of 17. I chose to make a commitment to Jesus, God, His Holy Spirit, and the Church. I have not wavered.

Today, the Church is known as the Community of Christ. A central claim is that Brigham Young, who illegally obtained Church leadership, is responsible for much of the spiritual wife nonsense and temple ceremonies. The true wife of Joseph Smith remained behind when the Brighamites moved west. The son of Joseph Smith became the first leader of the Reorganized Church.

Anyway, the following video is truly weird. Some of its claims mirror what I know about the Utah Church. Some of it is downright strange and "out there".

And, like most things....... it's up to you to decide.......

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