Monday, December 31, 2007

Perhaps I Had a Wicked Childhood

I would like to believe in Karma. Somehow the idea is quite attractive. Cosmic balance...

I don't believe that we are judged and "rewarded/punished" in this life. Yes, I am guilty of wanting some folks to get "their just desserts" while we all watch. But, my concept of a Just God doesn't provide it. And, yes, I am guilty of wanting some good fortune coming my way to balance out the bad.

A recent Detroit TV news report tells of a robber being killed by his intended victim, then being robbed by his cohorts. Karma.

Can you believe that even in the musical Sound of Music there is a reference to karma?

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Anonymous said...

Hi!I believe in karma either in this life or the next. I do not think that a loving God would send a lot of people to hell (maybe just those who literally turn their lives to the devil.)I think God would be more interested in our souls meeting the purpose for which they were made.If we succeed in reaching the purpose, we can go to be with God forever. If not,we come back to complete our karma and task.I believe that I was here before and what I go through now is a result of karma of a past life.