Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Battery Backup

I am using the laptop on battery power now. Our power is off. You see, the “handyman” is here again, today. The chores for today: replace a faulty light switch, replace a broken wall socket and patch the wall, install a switch for the new outdoor lights, and repair the brickwork at the top of one of the brick and mortar columns at our front gate… The new set of outdoor lights has not arrived at the store, yet. They will need to be installed another day.

We have been on a minor fix-it binge. It all started with electrifying the mirador (That is our “room” on the roof.). We also paid for the reworking of the plumbing for the water pump used for the back lawn and front gardens (Dad would have had a few choice comments for the way it was cobbled.). The jobs have been odd and definitely inexpensive.

I am still amazed at the cost of labor. Our hot water boiler needed tubing replaced to increase the flow of gas to the pilot and burner -- cost for two men working for an hour -- $18 US. The plumber/electrician/mason or “handyman” only charges us about $35 for a day’s work (6-7 hours). We pay “gringo prices” for parts and supplies – but the labor costs are cheap.

Next? The guestroom fan/light replacement, install new kitchen light fixtures, patch and paint the backyard walls (walls, walls, walls, everywhere…), repaint the front of the house (more walls…), and on and on and on…

We may be living in our rental for a few years and it must be comfortable…. And, we are who we are and it must be nice… Whether we own or rent – home maintenance is a never-ending story…

Yikes! Butt crack! Oh, never mind, he’s so skinny……….

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