Friday, January 11, 2008

Mother Knew Best

I miss Vernor's Ginger Ale.

When I was attending university in Iowa, I was lucky enough to find a local Lamoni grocer that had Vernor's shipped from Michigan. Graceland University had a large population of Michiganders and it only made sense to bring us a bit of home. THE ginger ale is more than a soft drink, it is also a home remedy for what ailed you. My parents always stocked the fridge with Vernor's whenever anyone was ill.

I know that some folks swear by the recuperative powers of warm Coca-Cola or even the once available Coke syrup. We preferred Vernor's. The bubbles and the comforting taste was all we ever needed to have to know that the folks cared for us and did all they could to help us feel better.

I really missed having that barrel aged beverage available over the New Year's celebration. Yes, it makes a good drink mixer, but I didn't drink alcohol on New Year's Eve. I needed some Vernor's Ginger Ale after my short, but frequent, trips to worship the Porcelain Princess. I caught the Flu.

I'm fully recovered now. I lost some weight that I can no longer afford to lose. Thankfully, I am hungry and eating well, again. And, I still wish I had some Vernor's.

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