Saturday, January 12, 2008

We Are 2 of the 30,500 People


We have some national attention on the economic woes in Michigan. That is, at the very least through the Michigan Presidential Primary next week. The New York Times chatted with some real Michiganders from Standish. Are you listening Mitt, Mike, John, and the Dem-Stars?

Does our great nation care that:

In Michigan, where the unemployment rate, 7.4 percent in November, is the highest in the nation, people say the troubled economy is, by far, the most important issue any leader must address right now.

As they looked to Tuesday’s primary, nearly all of about two dozen people interviewed here in recent days said they were relieved to see the presidential candidates finally speaking of the financial issues that worried them every day.

But many said they were also deeply skeptical of all the new economic promises: the sudden release of candidates’ revitalization packages, talk of retraining programs, television commercials pledging help. While the economy seems now to have emerged as an issue among voters nationally, as job growth has stalled and oil prices hit $100 a barrel, Michigan, where the unemployment rate has been higher than the national average since September 2000, has been pondering the situation far longer.

People here have heard promises before.

And, by the way, Willard, it is personal for us, too. This is a fairly nice political ad. It is a shame that Mitt is such a phony.

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