Monday, February 11, 2008

9 Months

We've been in Ajijic for nine months. We love living here. The weather is nearly perfect. The people are pleasant and friendly. The food is REAL -- it's healthy and tasty. The cost of living is low.

We have a great house, good neighbors, and we live in a prime location. The movie theater, a grocery store, a laundry, the weekly flea market (tiangus), the phone and gas companies, two pharmacies, and several restaurants are just minutes away by foot. Everything we need is within walking distance. And, that's a good thing considering the fact that we no longer own any vehicles and we do not intend on purchasing any.

We have a new life. Despite several bumps in the road, we love the journey!

So, while Michigan faces a deep freeze, Port Huron debates all-day Kindergartens, and Blue Water leaders hope for a casino --- we live in Paradise.

BTW -- it is a little chilly here today. I may have to put on a pair of socks with my tennie runners.

[Photo above: This is the view facing south from our rooftop mirador. Those are the roofs of houses, Lake Chapala, and the mountains on the other side of the lake.]

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Ol' Lady said...

I have a small suggestion as to where you could put your socks! :o