Monday, February 11, 2008

Be Mine

Valentine's Day is nearly here. Are you prepared? Have you done your shopping and reserved your table? Hell no.

I have to admit that I see V-Day as a kid's holiday. Twenty-five years of cute cards, decorated Valentine "mail" boxes, and colorful cupcakes is all I can visualize about that special day. I never was all that romantic and being a teacher leaves me with mixed feelings about Valentine's Day and the other holidays celebrated from September to June.

Yes, I received some very special valentines over the years. My kids managed to surprise me with some great cards. I really don't know the number of times that Memo and I have exchanged cards over the last 18 years. Since I retired from the classroom, I have forgotten V-Day even more.

I don't know what we're doing this year. We'll probably walk to the town square and have dinner at a nice restaurant. That's not so special though, unless we splurge and go to a fancy eatery. Argentinian steaks sound good, don't they?

I doubt that I'll send my guy an e-valentine. It's not too late to go to a card store and find a gringo greeting card......

And would you believe that the Party of Lincoln, the GOP, the lame ass Republicans are pure Valentine Grinches. Leave it to them to spoil a perfectly profitable Hallmark Holiday with this shit.

Well, Happy Valentine's Day, Good People!

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Ol' Lady said...

With Ol Man it's like having Valentine's Day every day...we celebrate our love to each other in everything we do...don't tell anyone about me being mushie...don't want to ruin my bitchie reputation ;)