Thursday, February 7, 2008

Poor Babies!

I don't listen to talk radio. Yes, I once spent a great deal of time listening to Air America when they first came on the air. I was a progressive talk fan during one of my many manic phases that has since passed. I NEVER tuned in to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or any of the other right-wing nuts that pretend to be journalists.

Unfortunately, my oldest brother was a fan of Rush Limbaugh. On more than one occasion, my dear brother let loose a tirade against Democrats that was wholly based in the LIES spewed by Rush. Have you ever tried to convince a Rushite that what they've been told was WRONG?

Right now, I am enjoying the spectacle that was once a Grand Old Party. What outrageous things will be said and will happen as the Republican party seeks its Presidential Nominee? Tune into Rush's show to find out. Limbaugh and his ilk seem to be in the process of attempting to derail the so-called Straight Talk Express. Yep, they don't like John McCain.

Tough cheese.

Really. It is interesting to watch the Republicans "eat their own young." has an article written by Matthew Bigg entitled "Talk Show Hosts Voice Alarm at McCain's Rise". In the article Bigg writes:

Their fears present a stiff challenge to McCain's efforts to unify Republicans along conservative lines.

The Arizona senator won nine coast-to-coast primary races in states on "Super Tuesday" to become the most likely candidate to secure the party's nomination ahead of November's election to succeed U.S. President George W. Bush.

"We are trying to stop the wanton destruction of the party, the wanton dilution of the party," said Limbaugh, whose daily show is syndicated on radio stations across the country.

"We are sick and tired of how the people who seem to be triumphing in our party are precisely the people who seem to be selling this party out in terms of its ideology," said Limbaugh, who criticized McCain for reaching out to Democrats.

Conservatives say they disagree with McCain on issues including taxes, free political speech, immigration and the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other prisons.

In one indication of doubts about McCain, evangelical leader James Dobson said this week he would not vote for McCain if he became the nominee, raising the possibility that some Republicans would sit out the November election.

Limbaugh's views on McCain reflect wider disquiet that Bush and Republicans have squandered years in power by failing to institute principles such as individual freedom and small government or to sufficiently write Christian values into law.

They say a McCain presidency would likely move the party further in the wrong direction.

At the same time, many conservatives are angry at what they see as a biased national media that applauds McCain for "moderate" views, relishes division within Republican ranks and misrepresents the influence of talk radio.

Fight, fight fight!

Yes, I'm enjoying this.....

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Jon said...

Didja ever wonder if Rush would put his personal agenda and success above that of the country? In other words, try to influence an election that results in a president that will allow Rush to keep his listeners in a froth? If McCain is elected, Limbaugh will be hard-pressed to get 4 years of material out of this guy. But if it's Hillary, there's some REAL job security.