Saturday, February 16, 2008

So Tired

I am tired.

This morning, I went to the veterinarian’s office that is two doors down. Dr. Jesus Medeles wasn’t available so I explained our problem to his wife. Minutes later I was home and then I returned to the office with Fergie. We had said out goodbyes to her last night and this short journey was one we had to take. We were prepared to inter her remains in the back yard, but this morning I changed my mind. I couldn’t face the prospect of being reminded nearly daily of her life and our losses.

Fergie lived 15-½ happy years with us. We adopted Fergie and her sister Diana from a family farm near Smith’s Creek. Both girls were supposed to have been weaned. Fergie wasn’t ready to eat solid food so we bottle fed her for the next week or so until we could move her on to moistened dry cat chow. She soon was eating well and grew to be a happy sassy cat.

We were smart to have waited a few years into our relationship before having “children.” We needed that time, as many folks do, to establish ourselves as a couple. We were ready to share ourselves and expand our family when we found the girls’ adoption notice in the newspaper.

We have many stories to tell about our Fergs. She sometimes acted as a watch/attack cat. She was particularly protective of me and would attack or challenge anyone thought to be moving to harm me. She was both fierce and funny when she was in her defend the castle and king mode. Ask Brother Dan – he knows. I am sure that he will still look over his shoulder when he comes to visit from Western Ajijic.

Diana and Fergie brought much joy to our lives. We have no regrets about bringing them home back then. Our lives have been fuller for having had them with us. And, there was never any question about Fergie, Diana, and Jadzea Dax coming to Mexico with us. Our family traveled down here together.

We are both struggling today. Losing Diana at Christmas and now Fergie, last night, is extremely difficult. Our thirteen-year-old baby and all four kittens will keep us busy. My sister’s visit next week will be a happy distraction.

We will all be okay.


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Ol' Lady said...

aaawww my heart goes out to the two of you...such a hard brings tears to my eyes when I think of Dog who we had to put down not too long ago...
try to remember the life of her not the passing of her :)