Thursday, February 14, 2008

Straight Talk?

Straight Talk.

The presumptive Republican candidate for President, Arizona Senator John McCain, voted NO on a Senate Bill that would outlaw the use of the torture method called waterboarding. The former Prisoner of War during the Viet Nam War, McCain’s defense was, according to the New York Times:

… the ban would limit the C.I.A.’s ability to gather intelligence. “We always supported allowing the C.I.A. to use extra measures,” he said.

At the same time, he said that he believed “waterboarding is illegal and should be banned” and that the agency must adhere to existing federal law and international treaties.

If you can understand this, forgive me, tortured logic from the Man on the Straight Talk Express you must be smoking some bad mota. Either we are following the rule of law or we are not. Torture is immoral. Torture is a crime against humanity. Torture is a War Crime.

Those that employ torture and waterboarding, in particular, must be brought to justice. Anyone in our government that authorizes the torture (i.e. waterboarding, knucklebusting, rape) must be removed from office and prosecuted for their crimes. Anyone that has already broken the existing laws against torture must be exposed, expelled, and not allowed to escape justice.

This is a moral issue. Sorry, John, there is no wiggle room. You understand that. Don’t you?

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