Monday, February 11, 2008

Verse 714

In the beginning, there was darkness. The light of reason and light of hope overcame the darkness. Depression and despair gave way to stability and growing happiness. My world changed.

I have a kept a blog for several reasons. My profile states that, “I thought that I might write about current events, vent about pet peeves, chronicle my vagaries, and generally rant, rave, and ramble on about ignorance and stupidity.” I have done that and more.

And, I am still having fun…. and I am successfully avoiding/disguising any malicious thoughts and comments…

Yeah. Right.

Sometime this week, With Malice Toward None by Lee Harris will hit the 5,000 mark – site visits. I do not pay as much attention to the SiteMeter statistics now as I did when I began blogging. SiteMeter provides loads of information with its FREE service. It has been fascinating to note the European, South African, Canadian, and other visitors from around the world.

I once toyed with the idea that I could create a for-profit website. My manic and depressive moments combined, collided, and gave me one heck of a reality check. Even now, a cursory review of my postings would reveal great gaps in the timing of my publishing of posts. Long gaps in postings seemingly indicate when I may have been working through another period of hypomania and/or depression. Multiple postings over short periods may indicate manic episodes. Who needs a daily mood chart?

I enjoy writing. I hope that I can continue to organize my thoughts about some subjects and put those ideas into a coherent essay or other informative blurb. Unfortunately, life can get into the way of living. Shit happens. Moods change. The roller coaster ride that is living with bipolar depression can be a real bitch. Nevertheless, I shall forge ahead.

Post number 714 is up. What do you think?

That’s okay. I don’t always listen to what others have to say…

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Ol' Lady said...

Congrads on your 714th and hopefully your now over your 5000 visits :)
I find it hard to believe sometimes that people actually read my babbling shit :o