Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You Want That When?

Oh, Really?

I read with some amusement an account of a “reporter” and his family’s stay in a little town in Mexico. He wrote about staying in a “guest cabin” maintained for tourists by the local Oaxaca government. He just had to tell us about his half hour wait to check-in to his cabin. Hilarious.

Surely, that reporter should have left his American impatience at the border. In fact, Folks, abandon all hope for a fast-paced lifestyle or whirlwind vacation in Mexico’s heartland. Do you really need that now? Can you perhaps wait until (dare I say it?) --- tomorrow. READ – maňana.

No one is in a hurry where we live. There is no such thing as fast food. And, even the promise for something to be delivered tomorrow doesn’t always happen. The only thing that I can count on having the next day is our laundry.

I am no longer in the hurry to do anything. I can wait or more accurately, I haven’t any expectations for speed -- just great performance. You cannot be disappointed if you have no expectations of faster service or more rapid anything. Relax. It’s Mexico.

Why would you want to speed through a stay in Paradise? How do you hurry perfection?

And, there was one major problem with the Oaxaca village article --- Shut up! If too many people discover Paradise, we may have to open a waiting room and put up a parking lot.

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