Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Checking In

Our local TelMex internet server needed prodding to get us back online this afternoon. We think that we lost our service sometime on Friday, the 28th. We probably would have been up sooner had I called around to find the telephone number for an Engish speaking Prodigy service person. My Spanish is good, but not that good. Anywho, I can READ!

My sister left yesterday after a great visit. We got off our butts and went on some tours with her. We'll have to make sure we go on some more of the local tours when someone's coming to visit. I want to see where Michigan's (and Ontario's and all those other places) Monarch butterflies go to winter. As I still say, I have the rest of my life to see all the local and national sites.

We visited the pyramids at Teuchitlan on Friday. Incredible.


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Ol' Lady said...

Is that a picture of you and Billy?
If it is...don't look so fuckin happy!
The back ground is beautiful, but next picture lets see some happy happy smiles :o