Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Don't

I once saw a terrific political cartoon featuring Debbie Stabenow with a cartoonish exploded-cigar smut- covered face. The topic of the satire was Ms. Stabenow's little game of chicken with the then Republican-controlled Michigan Legislature. She got baited into proposing the end of public school funding from local property taxes. The Republicans accepted and suddenly Michigan was without a means to finance its K-12 public school systems. We got stuck with "Proposal A" and the many attempts to tweak it since.

The Michigan Democratic Party played loose with the rules for the Democratic Presidential Primaries and it blew-up in their faces. Now, they want a do-over. I don't remember getting any do-overs in my lifetime. I can't imagine that after a batter strikes-out he would insist he get to take another turn at bat. Hey, Michigan Dems, you phucked-up and you will survive the consequences!

As much as I would like to re-join the Democratic Party just so I could vote in a Michigan Do-oer, it just isn't right. Our decisions have consequences. To, in any way, "reward" Michigan Democrats with a chance to participate in the Obama-Clinton drama would be simply wrong. Sorry, your leaders messed up. Elect better leaders.

Now, that I've said my piece about Michigan. I could give a rat's ass about Florida. Treat them differently. Wouldn't that send a consistent message about democracy? Then, explain why Joe Liebermann is allowed to hold Senate committee assignments reserved for loyal Democrats?

I just want it to be over. Give it up, Hillary! Do the math. Yadda yadda yadda....

Stop the bloodletting....

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