Thursday, April 17, 2008

Head Cat

When back in the States, we knew that our Fergie was the dominate cat of our three old girls. After her passing and that of her sister, Diana, our 13 year old, Jadzia, hasn't seemed interested in interacting with the young ones that we have adopted. She snarls at them. She seems to be content to rest her old bones and occasionally she will come to us for some loving.

Memo and I have been joking that it seems that Moinie is auditioning for the position of head cat. Of course, I am the head cat. She and Memo are actually competing for the second spot in our pride. However, Moinie has been the one kitten that is dominating her sisters, the oldest adoptee, and the other young ones. She is adorable.

Our baby, Helena, passed away last night. We are grieving. Fortunately, we are able to hold on to the thought that she wasn't expected to survive placement at Anita's Shelter and we did our best to help her for the two weeks that she shared our sandbox. She was a beautiful kitten.

I've never had these experiences of loss with pets. Fergie and Di succumbed to old age, Izzy (the First) fought leukemia, and now, Helena's life was cut short by, it seems, any number of things that reduces the life expectancy of a litter of critters. One of Anita's helpers told us yesterday that she hadn't expect our Helena to survive. Two of three kittens that she took home to foster two weeks ago also died.

I decided yesterday that I would "cocoon" today. We have a good supply of comfort foods. The water guy came today. The house is clean and the dishes are done. And, Bill is forced to rest today (and many more to come) as he is still fighting an illness. I'm done for now. It is my turn to rest, cry, and get stupid.

That is Moinie in the picture above. She is one of three calico sisters that also were not expected to survive in the shelter. She and her sisters have their own survival story. I am thankful that they are now healthy, happy, and very very active.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Blast From The Past

30 Helens Agree -- H/T to Andrew Sullivan

Just Plain Adorable

More Lies

Condi Rice lies........

Condi must go.

do something....

So Tired

I am so very tired of all of this crap. That's right! I am freaking fatigued with Clinton, Republicans, and Asshole Politicians. We are in it deep. And, way too many of us are digging for the pony.

There is no silver lining to the giant shitpile a.k.a. the American economy, the American healthcare systems, and George Bush's clusterphuck of an Arabian adventure. Yep, no freaking ponies, boys and girls.

When will the primary nightmare end?

Bitter? Hell, yes!

Those stupid media pundits and political talking heads du jour have their heads so far up their own asses that we may never see or hear another news show with reality-based information. They have it so wrong so very often. They have their cushy jobs with great salaries and benefits and they pretend to understand the frustrations and disappoint we all have with our American government.

We are tired of promises and having our hopes dashed because the promises made on the campaign trail do not count. Will it be the same old same old? With McSame you get four more years of the failed Bush presidency. With Clinton you get........


I am tired of sick kittens and sick husbands. We doctor one sick gatita back to health and another takes a turn for the worse. Yes, they wouldn't have survived in the shelter...... I am becoming more exhausted every day.

We are up to 8 cats in our sandbox called home. We have 7 kittens under the age of 6 months. The triplets are doing extremely well. Izzy II is recovering from an upper-respiratory infection and congestion. Helena, the newest shelter refugee, is not doing so well. She isn't eating. We had to force-feed her today and will continue to do so with the assistance of Jesus. That is, Doctor Jesus Medeles, our neighbor and saviour of our sick kids.

We'll make it. We have to.

It is another beautiful day in Paradise today. We are experiencing temperatures in the low 60's at night and in the 80's during the day. Yesterday was unusually cool. I took the picture above while on a long enjoyable walk along the shore of the Lake Chapala. God I love this country!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Predictability of Randomness

While playing several games of Hearts (Did I mention I live with Bipolar Disorder Type II?) I discovered a pattern in the endings of the games of Hearts. It didn’t come to me as an epiphany. Rather, I began to note the incredible number of pairs that came up at the play of the last cards of each hand.

To amuse myself I began to change the order of the cards I played, if such play didn’t affect my score. I would start with the 11th, 12th, and/or 13th cards. I wanted to know if I could increase the number of pairs and runs when playing “match-maker” with my final cards. You know, who gives a rat’s ass if you toss any one of the 6, 7, and 8 of diamonds that you are holding at the conclusion of a game when all the hearts and the bitch with the shovel have fallen? So, like some fairy on a artsy fartsy binge (God, I loved that commercial!), I would play my 6 if one of the previous players played a six regardless that the automaton play is to drop the 8. Okay?

Then, I got to thinking that I may have really discovered something special here. Maybe I should do the research, including recording the cards played at the end of… let’s say a minimum of a hundred games? Use my skills. Whatever it took, maybe. Some day.

Of course, reality came crashing done when it finally dawned on me that the pairs, triplets, and rummy runs were the result of the high-low play of each card. Yep, pure genius am I. Manic Monk. The normal play of the game produces the “special” results that I had noticed. Duh?

Yes, the computer/dealer distributes cards from a shuffled deck and we expect random results. The deal is random, but the game of Hearts requires both luck (a good dealt hand) and skills (count the cards, try not to take any tricks, and shoot the moon when you can). After enough games with the computer, you may begin to understand the programmed play of your computer opponents. With luck and skill, a good player can beat the computer players more than one fourth of the time (get it? 4 players….).

Yes, we believe that the distribution of those 13 fraking cards is random. The dealer wasn’t fraking with me when he gave me 9 of the 13 clubs. Really. I believe you.

Anyway, what did I learn through this idiotic romp? You may expect a predictable end to the game whose hands are distributed at random. The play of the game ultimately trumps what the dealer deals you.

Is that a philosophy of life, as well? Don’t we take what is dealt us and run with it?

The play of the game ultimately trumps what life deals you.

I don’t want to take that trick. I’ve got the 2!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm not ready to blog about the issue of immigration. I have mixed feelings. Then, I see something like this.........

Arivaca: Life on the Border

Another Lie From HRC

Web Site Welcome

More Scott Kleeb

Husker Hunk on the run for the US Senate......

Wipe your chins....


Not all prostitute paying pompous-ass politicians that dishonor and humiliate their families resign and disappear...... especially, if you are a Republican.

Senator David Vitter (Republican-LA) shouted loudly about Bill and the sloppy blow-job and then has the balls to apply a double-standard about his own behavior. Go figure.

Yeah. Old news. But, new ART......

American Are Not Concerned?

American Are Not Concerned?

John McCain is just so wrong...


Where is all the outrage?
Where are all the decent moral people?

Fatigued with all that is so very wrong?
Where are you?

You shout loudly about Wright.
But, what about what's truly wrong?
You shout loudly about patriotism and lapel pin flags.
But, what about the moral compass of this nation?

Fatigued with all that is so very wrong?
Where are you?

You shout about a free Tibet and democratic Burma.
But, what about the freedoms lost in our America?
You shout about Gitmo.
But, what about the lapsed treaties and abandoned international laws?

Bushed? Fatigued with all that is so very wrong?
Where are you?

Where are all the ministers of God?
Where are the guardians of freedom and democracy?
Where are your heads? (Up your own ass or covered with a hood?)

Just where is your outrage?

Americans have lost the right to claim moral superiority. A God-loving righteous nation does not condone torture. No exceptions. No excuses. No lies.

Moses Makes It To The Promised Land At Last

RIP Charlton Heston.

He was a liberal activist before championing the rights of gun owners...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

They Are Not Our Friends

More bullshit from the folks that brought us 9/11 ---


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just For Fun

I had to post this picture. It is still making the email rounds. This is my idea of "justice". BTW -- What do the lowly female bombers receive as a reward for their actions?


This is the crown of the jacaranda tree in front of our house. Imagine a month or more of dropping blooms from this tree..... basura. We even have to wipe our feet at the door to keep from tracking these flowers into the house.

It is so beautiful. And, better than snow....

Just Came By to Say Hi

(last week)

My posts have been few and far between for a long while and it's because I've been riding a wave of hypomania. It's actually been a gentle ride. It wasn't a crazy insomnia high. I have been getting adequate sleep.

I resumed Lamictal about 3 days ago. I have to increase the dosage very slowly. I've realized that I wasn't sure where the ride was going and had to put on the brakes. Damn. It was fun.

Spring has sprung here. Many trees are in bloom, including one of the big old trees in front of our house. We must sweep and bag the dropping blossoms from that damn beautiful plant every day. We have to sweep anyway, however the front patio is covered with purple blossoms. How many more weeks of this?

There is an incredible amount of pollen in the air. It is a good thing that we have a pretty steady flow of winds on and off Lake Chapala. The early Spring (warm) weather seems to be unusual. The locals are predicting an early rainy season. It may begin in May rather than June.

It has been fun being out and about these past several days. We are seeing lots of pink tourists walking around town. Some admit to be scoping this place out for a possible future move. Grumble. Grumble.

Axixic is decorated with purple and pink.

(next day)

I cycled rapidly.

(several days later)

I spoke with the doctor about my early "reaction" with Lamictal. "I want stability, not cycles of depression and hypomania!" Give it more time? Shit.

Okay. I've been having trouble concentrating. I am sleeping well (and too much). I hate this --- stay on Lamictal and see if I can find the "right" balance. Aaarrgh! Oh, and try this (Doctor P said that all his bipolar patients take it) --- Criam (Valproato de Magnesio).

Oh, great. Criam is another anticonvulsive/antiepileptic medication used to treat manic episodes. Yes, Google comes through, again

More later.

(even more days)

One of my favorite daily reads is a fellow bipolar coaster rider. Jon has been struggling with a mania "episode" far longer than my current bout and he really does nail it on the head in his latest brief post. I view this whole thing right now as sheer frustration coupled with "I don't give a shit" --- yep, a helluva ride.

So, I'm just raising my head up out of a cloud of mota to say I'm still here and I am doing just fine. I'll be back writing soon.

The photo above was taken from an outside dining area at our favorite eatery -- Salvador's. We watch the traffic on the main road and enjoy looking up into the mountains.