Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Came By to Say Hi

(last week)

My posts have been few and far between for a long while and it's because I've been riding a wave of hypomania. It's actually been a gentle ride. It wasn't a crazy insomnia high. I have been getting adequate sleep.

I resumed Lamictal about 3 days ago. I have to increase the dosage very slowly. I've realized that I wasn't sure where the ride was going and had to put on the brakes. Damn. It was fun.

Spring has sprung here. Many trees are in bloom, including one of the big old trees in front of our house. We must sweep and bag the dropping blossoms from that damn beautiful plant every day. We have to sweep anyway, however the front patio is covered with purple blossoms. How many more weeks of this?

There is an incredible amount of pollen in the air. It is a good thing that we have a pretty steady flow of winds on and off Lake Chapala. The early Spring (warm) weather seems to be unusual. The locals are predicting an early rainy season. It may begin in May rather than June.

It has been fun being out and about these past several days. We are seeing lots of pink tourists walking around town. Some admit to be scoping this place out for a possible future move. Grumble. Grumble.

Axixic is decorated with purple and pink.

(next day)

I cycled rapidly.

(several days later)

I spoke with the doctor about my early "reaction" with Lamictal. "I want stability, not cycles of depression and hypomania!" Give it more time? Shit.

Okay. I've been having trouble concentrating. I am sleeping well (and too much). I hate this --- stay on Lamictal and see if I can find the "right" balance. Aaarrgh! Oh, and try this (Doctor P said that all his bipolar patients take it) --- Criam (Valproato de Magnesio).

Oh, great. Criam is another anticonvulsive/antiepileptic medication used to treat manic episodes. Yes, Google comes through, again

More later.

(even more days)

One of my favorite daily reads is a fellow bipolar coaster rider. Jon has been struggling with a mania "episode" far longer than my current bout and he really does nail it on the head in his latest brief post. I view this whole thing right now as sheer frustration coupled with "I don't give a shit" --- yep, a helluva ride.

So, I'm just raising my head up out of a cloud of mota to say I'm still here and I am doing just fine. I'll be back writing soon.

The photo above was taken from an outside dining area at our favorite eatery -- Salvador's. We watch the traffic on the main road and enjoy looking up into the mountains.

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