Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Tired

I am so very tired of all of this crap. That's right! I am freaking fatigued with Clinton, Republicans, and Asshole Politicians. We are in it deep. And, way too many of us are digging for the pony.

There is no silver lining to the giant shitpile a.k.a. the American economy, the American healthcare systems, and George Bush's clusterphuck of an Arabian adventure. Yep, no freaking ponies, boys and girls.

When will the primary nightmare end?

Bitter? Hell, yes!

Those stupid media pundits and political talking heads du jour have their heads so far up their own asses that we may never see or hear another news show with reality-based information. They have it so wrong so very often. They have their cushy jobs with great salaries and benefits and they pretend to understand the frustrations and disappoint we all have with our American government.

We are tired of promises and having our hopes dashed because the promises made on the campaign trail do not count. Will it be the same old same old? With McSame you get four more years of the failed Bush presidency. With Clinton you get........


I am tired of sick kittens and sick husbands. We doctor one sick gatita back to health and another takes a turn for the worse. Yes, they wouldn't have survived in the shelter...... I am becoming more exhausted every day.

We are up to 8 cats in our sandbox called home. We have 7 kittens under the age of 6 months. The triplets are doing extremely well. Izzy II is recovering from an upper-respiratory infection and congestion. Helena, the newest shelter refugee, is not doing so well. She isn't eating. We had to force-feed her today and will continue to do so with the assistance of Jesus. That is, Doctor Jesus Medeles, our neighbor and saviour of our sick kids.

We'll make it. We have to.

It is another beautiful day in Paradise today. We are experiencing temperatures in the low 60's at night and in the 80's during the day. Yesterday was unusually cool. I took the picture above while on a long enjoyable walk along the shore of the Lake Chapala. God I love this country!

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