Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chasing Your Tail

I had a conversation with a guy sitting at the next table today. He jumped into our table's chat with agreement about some aspect of digital camera ownership. He and I talked about a lot of things with most of it being about living in Mexico. We talked about working, education in the United States, Mexican culture, and the art of photography (screw printshopping -- take a good picture).

Our restaurant mate and I both agree that it was both easy and cathartic to let go of all our things when we made the move South. We both agree that we are not in any hurry to replace any of the crap we had accumulated, then left behind, sold, or given away. Mr. Negra Modelo said that the only things he brought from the States were cookware (of course, he once had a restaurant).

Crass consumerism -- keeping up and surpassing the Jones family (who are those people?) -- The rat race -- and, and, and, --- It is all bullshit. It is somewhat obcene to be caught up in the vicoious cycle of work and the gathering of toys. How many jobs do you work to be able to afford that boat, RV, motorcycle, 4-wheeler, cottage up north, snowmobile, iPod, iPhone, and every freaking gadgit that you've been led to believe you need at the time of purchase? How deep is your debt?

More and more, I tend to believe that my generation was spoiled. We got it into our heads that we had to have everything that our parents had the minute we left the nest. And, we had to have more and more shit to satisfy some God-awful need or emptiness in our lives.... Yes, and that is, of course, all bullshit. Come visit and see folks that are happy to have roofs over their heads and something other than dirt under their feet. We can be happy without all of our excess baggage. Really.

Life is just too short...

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