Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Over It

I have kept my mouth shut for long enough about the issue of gay marriage. In truth, I was against it before I was for it. Yes, a flip-flop on an issue that you would seem to believe was important to me. It wasn't.

When the right-wing started all their state-by-state campaigns against gay marriage I was sickened by their wacky attacks on a fantasy called "the gay culture". There wasn't even a consensus of opinion among gay folk about the topic of marriage. I believed it was far too soon to push for marriage rights when we haven't even secured employment and housing rights. I watched in horror as the Republican Party supporters moved their anti-gay sideshows to Dem-GOP battleground states. It seems to have been a weird coincidence that the states holding anti-gay ballot elections needed to turn out Republican voters, and, they did. (Did Bush get more votes in those states where the issue was on a ballot?)

Now, I want it ALL. I don't really give a shit what it is called. Pick one -- marriage, civil union, or an ugly-bumping license. I want the same 90 some benefits given to straight married couples. I want Bill to have my pension if I die before him. I don't want a repeat of the hospital discrimination that we experienced. I want ALL the little perks given to breeders and non-breeders alike just because the GOVERNMENT sanctions their marital contract. The government must stop giving special rights to heterosexuals because they are allowed to marry or give marriage rights equally to all of us (Str8 or Gay) that enter into a church sanctioned union or one that it performed by a civil servant at the county courthouse.

Fairness. Equality.

And, maybe, at the end of June in 2009 I want to get married in California, Ontario, or Mexico. All I do know is this --- after 20 years of a committed relationship (now 19) with a man that I truly love it is only right......

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Ol' Lady said...

Sorry sweetie I haven't been around much.
HELL YES!!! Come to Ontario!!!
If I remember correctly the first gay couple (women) legally married in Ontario were from this area. If they weren't the first then they were close to it cause there were lots of newspaper articles about them. BTW they live down the road from me. I sold one of them her first standard car and she couldn't even drive standard! (her spouse won't let her drive standard these days, she is just dangerous when a clutch is involved :)
So ya wanna get hitched...come to Ontario!!!
Around here it don't matter...people is people!!!