Friday, May 23, 2008

A Lazy Day

We’re spending the afternoon on the roof today. I love my roof. It is a typical flat roof on which is built a sort of brick lean-to. The mirador is about 12 feet by 12 feet and the open three sides have no windows or coverings above the 4 foot side walls. Its tiled roof is pitched on about a 40 degree angle. The back (west) wall is solid brick and about 10 feet in height. It’s ready to be finished with a door and windows. Maybe next year…

We’ve been reading, listening to music, and plunking on the laptop. Harry Potter is queued up and ready on the iPod. I just ran down the metal stairway to retrieve a muffin and a piece of lime pie. Life is good.

The maid is downstairs and we don’t want to be in the way. We never want to be around when she is here for some funny reason. Our budget is tight but with two old guys, an ancient cat, and 6 kittens we really need this luxury. Mariana is the daughter of our good friend’s maid. Mr. C told us that she would be great because her mother had trained her. She is still in high school and to have an 8 hour a week (2 afternoons) job that pays well is a good thing for her and her family.

When my brother moved down here 3 years ago, his escape from the maid was a part of his mental health routine. He was “forced” out of the house three afternoons a week. His 4-wheeler practically has a spot reserved for it next to Yolanda’s fruit stand on the street along the town square (The Plaza).

Everything you may ever need is on or near the Plaza. There is a five-and-dime that has household goods, cleaning products, and an assortment of whatever, a bank, 3 bars, a barber, a pharmacy with a resident doctor, and more than a dozen places to eat. The entire park is surrounded with benches and the gazebo is also ringed with seating. The “gringo bench” is situated across from the Caja Musica (bar), Mama’s store, and an ice cream shop. Gringos and Cannucks gather there from time to time throughout the day to chat, drink, and otherwise enjoy Paradise.

Today we opted for some quality time on the roof together. The Plaza beckons us from time to time, but there is always – tomorrow.

[A photo of the “ceiling” of the mirador taken from my lounge chair.]

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