Friday, May 23, 2008

Miller Time

I read with great interest the blog post by Lansing journalist and Republican apologist, Tim Skubick. He wrote that it seems apparent that Candice Miller (R-10) is unlikely to make a run for Michigan's govenror in 2010. He writes that:

If state GOP chair Saul Anuzis is correct, Miller has quietly taken herself out of a potentially crowded GOP primary. He and she discussed her candidacy last Monday night during a Washington D.C. fundraiser.
"It has moved from very likely to highly unlikely," Anuzis tells the public TV Off the Record panel this week.
Anuzis who is not much of a reporter, failed to asked her why the change of heart?
He figures she was more comfortable going back to Washington from a district where she is popular rather than taking a chance at the governor's seat. It would not be a sure bet especially with other party big wigs in the hunt.

Is any of this news? Ms. Miller's name has been advanced for various offices, including U.S. Senate. So far, it seems she has been reluctant to leave her nice safe Republican gerrymandered congressional district. Now, perhaps, we can hope she just goes away...

I'm certain that Representative Miller's cohorts in Congress would agree that she is a good politician. I submit that she is a terrible representative of the people in our District. Yes, she has brought home some of the pork-project spending to the 10th District, but how much of that made its way into the hands of her supporters, to folks outside the District, and solely to Macomb County? Candice Miller's voting record follows nearly perfectly in lock-step with the Republican Party. Her interests do not seem to be the interests of the folks she was elected to represent.

Is there a Democrat ready to send this sailor back to her home port?

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