Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No More, Please

Above most everything, I value honesty and compassion. Telling the truth seems to be something that my parents and extended family (grans, aunts, uncles, neighborhood moms and dads) expected. Families are held together with trust, among other things, and it is unthinkable that anyone would lie to you. And, what really can I say about compassion. You understand it or you don't. Those that don't live unimaginable lives.

When someone tries to smear another person with a slam against their character we are all diminished. If the idiot politicians would just stick to facts and the real issues that affect our lives, than the rest of this political race would be easier to stomach. Call out your opponents with facts in hand about their public and private record. To simply hint that there is something amiss with this yahoo or that one, and, not back it up with something -- anything, is just plain wrong. And, to make shit up -- well, hell is too good for you.

The following YouTube videos have been up on several of my daily reads. Towelroad put them side by side and I thought that it was remarkable. Enjoy, get pissed, laugh, or cry.......

BTW -- Hell is too good for the Christianist teacher that tried to get me fired with a letter stating that I should not be allowed in a classroom just because I am not straight. She didn't put in plain language what she was accusing me of being. Cowardly liar.

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