Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When I was a kid there was a popular anti-war slogan that said, “What if they held a war and nobody came?” The sentiment is rather clear. As we all have noted in recent history, our war criminal president started his very own war and lo and behold – many of our friends and allies refused to come. Invading and occupying Iraq was both foolish and tragic. Our closest friends and northern cousins were correct to not allow themselves to be sucked into this seemingly never-ending nightmare.

Unfortunately, many of the war-mongering leaders in our government are itching to start another “limited” war with Iran. The propaganda (read lies) is swirling about and only, it seems, a few military leaders and patriotic politicians have been able to slow the march to another war. And, now, the ridiculous talk about Nazis and appeasement only adds to the retarded rhetoric used by McBush and his hero, King George. Both of those Republicans are intent upon spewing enough lies and rumours to help justify a future attack.

Complicit in the drum beating is the military itself. Many in the military have abandoned objectivity and reason in order to please their beloved commander-in-chief. Last week, a special news conference had to be canceled when TRUTH prevailed. It seems that the huge stash of captured “Iranian” weapons supposedly destined to be used by Iraqi militia members in their CIVIL WAR did NOT come from Iran.

What a surprise!

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