Saturday, May 31, 2008

When It Rains

I had a rough episode of hypomania the other day. It was brought on by a trial of a new medication. Needless to say, we've reduced the dosage. It was an interesting ride. I even documented some of the day before filling a few pages of the notebook with essay ideas. I believe I can decipher some of the content of the chicken scratches that I thought were so brilliant the other night. Typical delusions of adequacy -- a bipolar coaster rider's curse.

That night's entertainment was also interrupted by an outburst of explosive anger. More atypical behavior. And, I was delighted to experience the full coaster ride as I almost was brought to tears about something and was feeling rather low. Freaking mood swings....

Other than that, the play was interesting and I thought that one actor was real good until....

I'm caught up on my sleep, now. (Do I have to mention that with severe hypomania you don't sleep?) In fact, we had a great day today. We spent a few hours of the afternoon sitting at a restaurant on the Plaza. We had a prime table with a great view of the foot traffic on the Plaza. We had lunch with Miss B. We ate club sandwiches while sipping te helado (ice tea). She kept downing cold mugs of Negra Modelo (a tasty dark beer).

Miss B paid for our lunches in exchange for teaching her how to use her new digital camera. That was easy since she only wanted to know how to do a simple point and shoot when she sails to Alaska next week. I even made out a "cheat sheet" so she could refer to it if her settings get accidentally changed. Miss B claims she didn't know that she could make a short movie with her $99 (CDN) camera so we included that in our lesson as well. We gave her homework and will meet her at the same restaurant on Monday to check it.

Another lunch and maybe I'll have limonada.

We are both trying this "new" medication. It is another one of those meds that were developed for one medical condition and found to be effective with another. Lamictal was "originally" just for folks with epilepsy. I seem to remember that this med works in the same area of the brain as another newly discovered dual purpose drug prescribed for bipolar disorder. I'll write about it after I organize all of my crazy "notes".

Another great day in Paradise. Next?

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Ol' Lady said...

Aren't the rides at the medication cocktail amusement park fun???
I have been taking Lamictal for 2 yrs now (along with other shit) if I was told that I had to stop taking it I would just kill and bury who ever suggested that...just the thought of stopping or changing from it scares me...I guess what I am sayin is that it works for me. Be careful of any rash and report it straight away to your can be dangerous if you have a reaction. I hope you read up on it, but I am sure you did.
I don't mind a bout of hypermaina every now and then...I get lots done...