Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Day in Heaven

Is this Heaven?

No, it's Ajijic, Mexico.

Do you remember the line from the movie Field of Dreams?

We spent a quiet few hours on the Plaza today. We walked downhill to the town's square, ate brunch, Billy got a hair cut, chatted with Dr. Polo, visited with friends at a local watering hole (10 pesos for a bottle of beer until 2PM), and generally enjoyed another care-free day in Paradise. We came home to a clean house -- Mariana was here today -- and then took the two youngest kittens to Dr. Jesus to get their stitches removed. And, now we are relaxing....

We decided that we will "celebrate" our 19th anniversary tomorrow. We may even go for a late lunch/early dinner at Ajijic's newest and most expensive eatery. It has a write-up in the local newspaper and features decor by a world famous designer..... Big Hairy Deal..... I'd prefer tacos from the stand that will get set-up later today. Next year, as I have been telling everyone, I want to awake to the sounds of a mariachi band. 20 years together needs to really be celebrated well.

For now, estoy feliz......

[pictured above -- this is the view from the roof facing the northwest. The mountains are becoming very GREEN. The rainy season is here.]

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Ol' Lady said...

Another great picture :)
Isn't it nice to be retired and doing what you want to?
Life can be so good :)