Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Day

No matter whose blog I read I remain convinced that underneath it all we share so very very much. We have worries about little things and major concern for others. We struggle with health issues, economics, and family. We get aggravated with the status quo and anyone that stands in the way of progress -- personal or collective. We can be aggressive or submissive. I tend to enjoy reading the blogs of those folks that don't take shit from anyone and are not afraid to speak the truth -- about everything.

Today, I found myself snickering about the story MarmiteToasty tells about going out to the local garden center (centre for my Canadian friends). I found myself "speechless" when I read about what depresses a bipolar guy in South Africa. Other bloggers in my daily read are here, there, and absent from their blogs for whatever reason. Anyway, to continue sounding trite -- we share a common (and not so common) humanity.

Utter bullshit, eh?

The weather system that brought us a few days of overcast skies and huge downpours of rain has moved on. Our kitchen skylight was overwhelmed by the flow of rain on the roof and leaked, as did a small corner of our living room. I had to make sure yesterday that all of the drain holes in the roof and through the mirador base were not plugged. Now, we need to hire someone to re-caulk the skylight and pour/paint roof sealer around the skylight and in the area above the living room leak. I'll just add that to the list ahead of fixing the back bedroom's ceiling fan, installing new ceiling fans in the living room, replacing locks on the front and back doors, and installing a gas log in the fireplace.

I swore I'd never have a house where I went from one home improvement project to the next. Fortunately, our rental house is nearly "perfect" and we have few creature comfort repairs and/or improvements to make. We just signed another one year lease and look forward to another year in Paradise.

The rainy season is here. The mountains seem to have become bright green overnight. All is well in "the place where the waters run" -- Ajijic.

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Ol' Lady said...

Thanks for the spelling correction :)
Your place sounds so nice even if it has some handy man projects that need to be done...our place and our camp are never ending projects