Monday, June 23, 2008

Back in Michigan

Over the weekend a former Times Herald editor wrote an "editorial" about the whole city council succession mess. He wisely informed the public about the voters' intent, historical practice, and past vacancies filled. Unfortunately, he came up short with outrage or concern for the arrogant law-breaking. Wimp.

"Democracy is a dirty business, and the will of the people is frequently the first thing that gets scrubbed.

Jim Relken and Al Wright, two of the seven members elected last autumn, quit the council last month. Had the spirit of the 1999 charter amendment been honored, their seats would have gone automatically to Sample-Wynn and Alan Cutcher, who finished eighth and ninth in the voting.

With straight faces, the faction that snubbed Cutcher and Sample-Wynn insists it acted with the voters' intent in mind.

How can that be? How do you honor the will of the voters by ignoring it?"

Nice try.

Today, I read about the 35 Year Class Reunion for the graduating Class of 1973 from all three Port Huron high schools. It will be a combined event. Fortunately, I don't have the extra cash to run back to Michigan. Yes, there are a few folks that I'd like to see. Unfortunately, one of the organizers is a total asshole and I'd rather not have any contact with him.....

Same old, same old....

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