Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cat Blogging

4 down and 2 to go.....

We retrieved Eenie Meenie, Moinie, and Moe from the vet this morning. Our loving trio was spayed yesterday. We had to make two trips. We brought the still dopey calico sisters home and then returned to the vet with sick kid, Isabela II, and Victoria. Izzy has another upper respiratory infection and a drippy behind. Vicky had her stitches from last week's procedure removed. Oh, joy! Fatherhood.....

I don't know if spaying Evita (pictured above) will have any effect on her aggressive behavior. She can be so sweet and in an instant be nipping your behind (poor Billy). At present, she is a lap cat. Evita insists on being held while I am trying to work at the computer. She seems to love being cuddled and won't let me put her down, that is, until something distracts her. Evita really is a treat.

Next week, we will take Evita and Isabela to Jesus (Dr. Medeles) for their turn. The two gatitas canela will be under his competent and compassionate care. Thank God for the multi-critter discount.

Today is Market Day. Billy has a migraine and is unable to help Anita's Animals at their booth. I hate that fact that Billy is suffering, but with him home we are not likely to adopt or foster any more cats this week.....

We love our kitties.

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Ol' Lady said... 'fixin' a female cat (or any other female) is gonna slow down her aggression??? Yeah, right :)