Friday, June 27, 2008

City Fathers

Sorry, Andrew, I must quote your post verbatim.

From The Daily Dish:

The Bush Era Finds Its Quote

"No, I wouldn’t be responsible, is the answer to your question. Legally or morally," - David Addington,
answering whether his own approval of torture methods had anything to
do with the CIA's subsequent use of waterboarding and other torture
techniques against prisoners in US custody.

This arrogance -- this unpardonable gall -- this shit drives me crazy. Our country is being run by arrogant morons. This attitude -- this warped thinking is exactly what seems to be at the core of Port Huron's City Council.

"We're not breaking the law. A lawyer told us we had the authority to ______________." Yes, fill-in-the-phreaking-blank. Who really cares if it is just a professional contract, a condo association's bylaws, a city's charter, the U.S. Constitution, or INTERNATIONAL LAW???


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