Friday, June 20, 2008


I want to go to Cuba. Screw the idiots that want to continue to punish the Cuban people for the inconvenient revolution that Castro led in 19?? whatever. Was I even born, then?

How long do we (the US and Europe) punish the people of Cuba for overthrowing another corrupt government that in all reality the United States would have found an excuse to punish eventually. Isn't that how it goes? Give us your oil, cane sugar, or whatever or we are gonna take over your ignorant asses.....

Fucking imperialist war mongers that believe that "we" can do no wrong -- Remaking Cuba is what the imperialist capitalists (that just want to make un-godly profits from your ignorance......) want to do. God, the world can be so sick.....

Can you believe that the US Government already has a plan to exploit Cuba after Fidel Castro's death? They do. The main author was/is General Colin Powell. Assholes. What right do we have to believe we can step right in and change Cuba? Fucking unadulterated arrogance. (Sometimes I am so emabarrassed by my country that I wish the old folks hadn't left Canada or Prussia).

We passed by a local travel agency today and we discovered that we could go to Cuba for a mere $400 per person. We didn't look into the details, but it sure bothered me that because some assholes in Washington believe that somehow we would we supporting 80 year old revolutionaries it would be a bad thing to bring tourist dollars (or pesos) to Cuba. Jerks.

Just venting.....

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