Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Goose and Gander

Why do they do what they do? Is it really all about power? Beat the other guy and win at any cost?

The problem with the hypocrites in the Republican Party and Christianist ministers on the right is that they just don't go out to win -- they must destroy the other guy and anyone that contradicts them. The name calling and character bashing is horrific. And, the outright lies are offensive. Truth becomes an inconvenient virtue -- remember the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth -- every last one of them are liars.

Whatever happened to debating issues? You know, actually taking time to argue about the pros and cons of legislation before voting. The Republican Party has perfected the lock-step brainless politician. They'll get you elected and then insist that you vote straight down the party line without question or you don't get re-elected. Whatever happened to that crap we learned in history about "The Great Compromise"? Gee, will they ever again include logic and reason in their quest to pass laws, approve budgets and judges, and declare war?

The Democratic Party has its own set of problems. They are challenged by having undeclared Republicans posing as Democrats stalling legislation. The Democratic Party also seems to have a problem with party unity. They too have pols that pander to whoever sends them money or gives them more power. I am still pissed at Senator Stabenow (D-MI) for her vote for torture. I am sorry, Debbie, there is no tolerance for torture in a civilized society.

What also bothers me are the double standards. If a divorced Democrat wanted to be President, the Republicans would raise holy hell. The Christianists also seem to be able to "forgive" the Republicans for any moral lapses, but not if you are a Democrat, gay, or just not their sort of people. For example, did you see all those right-wing ministers embrace McSame? Crazy. And, the Senator ASKED for their endorsements and got them. Never mind that Senator John McCain returned from captivity in Viet Nam and dumped his wife for a 25 year old wealthy woman. They just don't care that their guy is an adulterer. Do you remember how they all went apeshit about Bill Clinton's morals before and after he was elected twice?

The hypocrites love calling folks elitists. Do they really understand how stupid that smear is? Senator McCain is a Washington insider and an elitist. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his second wife is making sure he never has to use stainless steel. McSame's didn't have to take 10 years to pay off his student loans. He got a full ride at the military academy and was admitted as a legacy (someone whose parent went to school there -- like Bush to Yale.) BTW -- He graduated near the very bottom of his class.


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