Friday, June 6, 2008

Life 3.0

We took our oldest shelter kitten to the vet to be spayed on Wednesday morning. Dr. Jesus let us take Victoria home later in the afternoon. She slept most of the day and didn't "wake" until later in the evening. I am glad that she didn't have to stay overnight at the vet's office. Since Dr. Jesus has his office in his home and only lives two houses away we were confident that if there was a problem we were only a minute away from getting help. Thank you, Jesus.

BTW -- our babies' doctor gave us a shelter cat and volume discount for the 6 procedures that we have to have done. Yes, we must spay these cats. There are far too many kitties that never find loving homes....

I went to a podiatrist today. I only have an extremely minor in-growing toe nail problem. After a cut, cleaning, and application of antibiotic ointment with a bandage I was on my way. I'll return in two weeks for some sort of wire thingy that will force the nail to grow where it should. Cost for today's office call and procedure: 115 pesos or about $10 US.

Make no mistake about it --- we have world-class medical care in Mexico. Our personal physician received some of his medical training in the States, as did his doctor/surgeon wife (and kids). I don't believe that so many Europeans, Canadians, and expats from the US would choose to live in this part of Mexico if they were not confident about receiving quality emergency and routine medical care. I have only heard and read good things about the care offered here and in Guadalajara.

And, everyone is amazed about the costs of medical care.....

I seem to have found a "new" and acceptable psychiatric medication cocktail. Dr. Polo and I have worked out a good-enough mix of shit. I am not a zombie and I do not have those uncontrollable shaking hands. My other medications for thyroid and hypertension have also been tweaked. Its all good -- for now.

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