Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Quick Hits

You should see the brain scans! There is more evidence that folks are born gay. Shove that in your pie holes, Westboro Phreaks!

Mayor Moeller and Councilman Fisher forgot to consider the INTENT of the voters in Port Huron when they passed the LAW defining how council members were to be replaced in the event of vacancies. For Fisher and Moeller to ignore the law and insist on replacing council members with their own cronies is the height of arrogance and ignorance. I am certain that if the Times Herald didn't have some sort of financial ties with a new illegally appointed council member they might republish what was said and written in 1999 about the council vancancy vote. And, how often over the years did the Times Herald publish an explanation of what happens when a vacancy occurs on the city council. Common knowledge of and the intent of the vacancy provisions in the law should count more than some jerks' quest for power. Oh, and shame on the gutless council members that stated that they thought Moeller was wrong about the city charter and still voted against the interests of the people of Port Huron.

This kind of shit is exactly why we have recall provisions.....

BTW -- Was Mayor Moeller fired from his job as a Port Huron police captain because he had similar revelations about how to interpret the law? Was he equally arrogant in performing the job he was hired to do?

Why am I so bothered? I absolutely hate folks that take clean clear language provided for in contracts and CONDO ASSOCIATION BYLAWS and disregard it. The folks where I lived were being screwed by an out of control association board that had or may still have an aversion to following the rules. C@%#s!

Really. Why do I care?

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Ol' Lady said...

I see by this post that your not bitter and twisted anymore about the condo issue...right???