Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Port Huron City Council Screws the Voters

I hate liars.

I also dislike those that parse the truth and those that seek opinions from lawyers to support their own view of what a law or rule actually says. For example, it has been very clear for years that vacancies on Port Huron's City Council were filled by appointing those folks that came in right behind the elected council members in the popular vote. Clean, simple, and the past practice of previous city councils. The system worked for years. That is, until disgraced former police captain Brian Moeller joined the city council. He and his fellow conspirators appointed a man to the City Council last night that hadn't even run for office in the last election.

I simply cannot believe the bullshit used by Moeller and another council member to justify a betrayal of the voters whom believed that if a vacancy occured it would be filled with someone that also ran for city council. This feckless group passed over the highly qualified Laurie Sample-Wynn, a former mayor and council member, because some jerk has a bug up his ass.

Disgraceful. Disgusting. Jerks.

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