Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick Hits

  • Senator John McCain has learned that an "open" invitation to his campaign events is a bad thing. He has been heckled and asked REAL questions. He now will distribute tickets to select supporters. You know --- just like Bush. We never heard Bush booed or asked impertinent questions by yahoos. He controlled his events right to the point where Secret Service men removed folks for wearing anti-war and anti-Bush T-shirts.......
  • We don't trust our tomatoes nor any other fresh produce. We always use a sanitizing agent on our veggies and fruit. Unfortunately, the U.S. government inspectors are non-existent, and the few that remain despite Bush's funding cuts are grossly over-worked. Isn't it funny how Bush/McCain economics calls for less government oversight of about everything.........
  • Toys, tomatoes, ..... what's next?
  • The BBC reports that they have uncovered some of the lost loot that the US taxpayers sent to Iraq. Billions of dollars have gone missing and the BBC can't report it to you because of a US Government gag order.
  • Supraventricular Tachycardia sucks. Profuse sweating, frequent urination (the kidneys go into over-drive), extremely rapid heart beat, fatigue, tremors, and..... It all sucks. Stress? I haven't had an attack for months....until today.

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