Monday, June 9, 2008

Quicks Hits

  • Aren't you glad that the Democratic Party stopped President Bush from putting your Social Security monies in the hands of the assholes that have the economy all screwed up? Did you really wanna mortgage your retirement?
  • Irony? Respected journalist Bill Moyers was ambushed by a Fox News film crew inside of the building where the 2008 National Conference for Media Reform was being held. Ambushed. Bill Moyers held his own. The video is here. Now, can you imagine how idiotic it seems that at a MEDIA REFORM conference a Fox News film crew and some show's producer AMBUSH a fellow journalist? They didn't pay attention in class....
  • I got one of those racist anti-Obama emails. It shows photographs of Senator Obama's Kenyan and Kansan families. The "author" wants you to see the "photographs that the press won't show you." Of course, that is bullshit. All of the photograph have been previously published and there is nothing behind kept from the public. Yes, Barack Obama is black. I don't need some nut to show me the family photo album to prove it. As to the kind person that forwarded that email -- thanks for making me aware of what some racists are sending around the internet. You were just informing me about this racist crap, weren't you? Or, are you one, too?

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