Friday, June 13, 2008

No War for Oil

They had decided to invade Iraq shortly after the traumatic events on 9/11. The fix was in. The NeoCon wet dream that a Pearl Harbor-like event would allow the United States the opportunity for them to reshape the Middle East had occurred. Afghanistan was just an inconvenient sideshow. Scott McClellan, former White House Press Secretary, confirmed on the David Letterman Show that:

"...once a policy is decided, the President expects everyone to march in lockstep and follow and help implement that policy and not question it. He welcomes the questioning before the policy is decided but this policy was decided just a couple of months after we went into Afghanistan, after 9/11."

The Bush Administration did not begin to sell the American public on the Iraq invasion until after August of 2002. "You never bring out a new product in August," a Bushie was quoted as saying. So, the lying/exaggerating began after another one of the President's long long summer vacations. Everyone lied. Too many have died.

The Europeans knew about Bush's decision to invade Iraq well before the American Public. A huge anti-war and anti-Bush demonstration was held just before Easter in the Spring of 2002 on the streets of London. The protesters carried signs denouncing President George Bush and signs decrying "No Blood for Oil." The protest was well covered in the European press but not in the United States. I know. I was there.

Bill and I were fortunate to have been able to visit Great Britain that Spring. We spent several days in London before traveling to Amsterdam. While sight-seeing one afternoon, we made our way to the famous Piccadilly Circus. When we reached the area we were halted by a huge parade. We were both amazed and confounded. "What war with Iraq?" "Yeah, Bush is an asshole, but what freaking war are you yelling about?" I almost became indignant because my country was being denounced for something that hadn't occurred, yet.

Now, we all know what those war mongers and war profiteers had wanted. They don't give a shit about Iraqi or American blood. They just want more and more of America's tax dollars. The rich get richer.....and our troops bleed.

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