Monday, June 2, 2008

Winning At Any Cost

I was particularly disturbed by the fact that former White House spokesman Scott McClellan was paid to lie and evade reporters' questions without ever telling the whole truth to the public. Yes, I'm not naive enough to believe anything coming out of the present Administration. And, I'm not surprised. I guess that I expected more from my President than half-truths and bald faced lies.

I expected more from a previous school district administration...

I once attended an important arbitration hearing to settle a dispute over contract language and the use of the Staffing Handbook that was compiled by teachers and administrators. Surprisingly, a major claim that the school board's representatives had was that the Staffing Handbook was a product of the school district administration and did not have union assistance in its creation. That was a huge lie. To make matters worse, the school district's most trusted and most liked administrator took the stand, swore an oath to tell the truth, then l i e d. He was paid to lie. The school district wanted to win at all costs. They did.

After that arbitration hearing, how could I ever trust Mr. Mick ever again? I was later told by a fellow union leader that other administrators admitted that they made Mr. Mick lie on the stand. They joked about it and laughed. From that point on the school district started printing a statement on the cover of the Staffing Handbook claiming that it was created by the administration.

Negotiating new teacher contracts after that became more difficult for me. How could these yahoos ever be trusted? How could Mr. Mick, allegedly a deeply religious man, ever be trusted? How could he live with himself? I guess those administrator salaries and benefits are worth losing your soul over......

I hate liars.

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