Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2008 by George Bush

It seems to me that the trial lawyers were the scum of the earth in the eyes of the Right. At least it seemed in Michigan when Governor Engler and the lock-stepping Republican legislators went after them. I seem to remember Gov. George Bush complained about them. Well, now we have what may be beneath trial lawyers. It's the Bushite Lawyers that re-write and re-interpret the Constitution.

Torture. Habeas Corpus. We don't haf to follow F.I.S.A -- Bushite Lawyers. Ya'll get it. (in the end)

Have a gander at a report about a Bushite Lawyer's look at the United States' Constitution.

Phreaking Up is Down. War is Peace.

When the Hell did the Congress of the United States get so pussy whipped? Why did they keep their mouths shut EVERY time that Bush signed a Bill into LAW? AND, wait for it, attached a little note from his FREAKing Bushit Lawyer saying that Georgie don't haf to foller the laaww. Yep, a big FU that has gotten out of hand. It was done RARELY by a few other Presidents. George has used the government printing office to create his EZ form. Check a box and sign here. I won't enforce this law or pay for that whatever.

And more great news, Rove may not show up to Congress to swear in, then claim executive priveledge, and go home. His shit don't stink. He won't even have the courtesy to appear? Which Bushite Lawyer said he didn't haf to do it? This Government needs an enema!

You know, trial lawyers may get a few bucks out of some corporation for whatever the heck, but I'd rather pay more for some lame-ass item from a Super Wal*Mart than have my civil rights taken away from me.

And, then, there are the priceless pentecostal evangelists and prophets claiming that the United States is a Christian Nation who absolutely forget how to be a Christian Nation. Torture. War. And, don't get me started on the 10 Commandments... Oh, how they love the adulterers. Screw the poor and the sick. We are so gracious that Our Christian Nation continues to lock out the HIV Positive from other countries.

The Republican Party/Religious Right crack me up about how hypocritical they are and scare the shit out of me at the same time.


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