Saturday, July 26, 2008


I read a "letter to the editor" yesterday that was published in the Times Herald. Here is the money shot, err, money quote:

"First, I think it's impossible to believe the city charter intended
people who were voted off the council to be appointed to council

Okay, hang on Ralph, the first person to whom the vacant city council seat was to be offered only failed to be re-elected. I think that it is presumptuous to believe that the VOTERS didn't want Ms. Sample-Winn on the city council. Didn't she receive the highest vote count behind the, what is it? -- seven? -- folks ahead of her? To say that she was voted off the island is inaccurate. She had more people vote for her to be on the city council than the two outsiders illegally appointed to the council. They didn't even run for office!

If anyone really follows these little conversations with myself, you know how pissed I am
about the Port Huron City Council. In the beginning, I thought that Mayor Brian "I-got-fired-from-my-police-job-in-Port Huron" Moeller was just stacking the city council with his friends. Ignoring the clearly written and well-understood City Charter was easy if any legal hack said you could. Asshole. Anyway, it seems that the motivation for this corrupt coup was more sinister.

I love Math. The rules don't go wonky. I hate it when some jerks try to tell me that two plus two doesn't have to equal four because some phreaking lawyer told them so.... It's almost like the Port Huron Area School District officials bragging about an award given to them by the folks THEY PAY to audit the books. Well, maybe that doesn't track, but the point is -- it is self-serving. In these cases, its just plain ignorant.

So, the self-righteous arrogant boys that hood-winked the electorate believe that they have some sort of "mandate" to rule the City because just another alleged tax-payer revolt occurred. Those guys know that these anti-council groups form on the drop of a hat in Port Huron. It's gotta be the water. They stir people up and thrust a "trusted" candidate in the lime light. Yep, ya'll got a couple of winners.

And, they believe they have all the answers.

I'm just waiting for the shine to wear-off.

The re-call petitions and future candidates are just on the horizon. Just another day in that little little town.

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