Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bipolar Whimper

I have often struggled with where I would go with this blog. I never intended that I would constantly write about the mild and wild bipolar coaster ride that I live. Writing about my youth, family experiences, and the lessons that were taught me is satisfying. Venting. Well, there's where the whole bag of nuts likes to go. Therapy.

I want to invite you to read some of the posts over at Bipolar Speaks. I haven't submitted any essays, but that should not matter. Over there you may understand a bit more about the struggles of a person living with bipolar disorder -- manic depression -- whatever.....

I've been a fan of BiPolar Guy for a very long while. He is from South African. He has published a book of selected posts from his blog. He has quite a story to tell. The extremes of bipolar mania are certain to be evident.

Bipolar disorder can be frightening at times. The severe mania with Bipolar Type I is one end of the world of bipolar disorder with the extreme depression of Bipolar Type II the other -- opposite. I'd love to live at the Equator. As it seems in my actual geographical position, I'll settle for below the Tropic of Cancer. And, please God, I want none of the yo-yo ride of rapid cycling from depression to mania.

If anyone has experienced the side effects of prednisone used after a physical injury, you may understand about rapid cycling. Rage. Tears. It's frightening. In my long 10 year quest for relief from the constant pain in the neck, one doctor prescribed a course of prednisone. I seem to remember only taking it for a day. I simply couldn't and wouldn't tolerate the roid-rage and extreme mood swings. I have never spoken poorly of a hormonal woman since.

And, of course, we have depression. Enough said.

Right now, life is good. I'm not cycling. I'm not so hypomanic that I can't sleep. I certainly could have a more productive daily routine. Yeah. Wait a few weeks and that may all change. It will.



Ol' Lady said...

To live at the Equator??? I don't know if I would know what to do...don't think I've ever really experienced it...but my life is good :)

Leslie D-V said...

I would kill for a week at the "equator" seems like more and more often its artic cirle or antartica. I have read your blog for sometime now and its comforting to know that i am not the only one out there who feels alotta crazy.