Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Color Purple

Many many years ago I spent several months in Bozeman, Montana. I was thrilled every day when I would look at the mountains that surrounded the Gallatin Valley. The house where I stayed was a half of a block from a city park and we had to use a small foot bridge to cross a cold and rapidly flowing mountain stream to get there. I absolutely fell in love with living in the mountains. The only thing that Bozeman lacked was a huge blue lake.

Living in Port Huron spoiled me. I lived most of my life within walking distance of the shores of Lake Huron and the banks of the St. Clair River. I learned to swim in the deep waters of the river. I fished in the St. Clair River and the Black River, a tributary flowing through Port Huron. And, our beaches are beautiful. Watching the flow of lake freighters, ocean-going vessels, sailboats, and power boats going up or down the river while having ice cream from London's or DQ was just part of life.

Living in a border town was also quite an experience. I may devote an entire post to the advantages of having been a border brat at some time in the future. Suffice it to say, I have a unique appreciation for my Canadian cousins.

Right now, I live less than 1/2 mile from Mexico's largest lake, Lake Chapala. I also live, as do most of us in Ajijic, on the side of a mountain. I am really spoiled. I live on a mountain and near a huge fresh water lake. I love this town. I am continually in awe of my surroundings here and each day I am appreciative of the breathtaking views of the lake and of the mountains here and across the lake.

I took the photograph, above, sometime last week (ignore the incorrect date/time). A friend from back home wanted to see what the streets are like in Ajijic. This street is in really good shape. Yes, you have to learn how to walk up and down hill on uneven stones. I don't trip much at all now.

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