Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just Waitin' 'Til the Shine Wears Off

On Sunday, I began the second year of the last third of my life. Sounds strange, I know -- but you see, I decided that my life is divided into three ages or stages. My first 26 years, the second period of 26 years, and the likely final 26 years of my life make up the 3 Ages of This Man. I'll settle for living until 78. I'll be a very happy and content old man.

The first age of This Man ended when I married. I was 26. Stupid. Dishonest. Afraid. Confused. Conforming.

The second age of This Old Man ended with the deaths of Dad and Gary, our oldest sibling; my last struggle with severe depression and the bipolar disorder diagnosis; and the surgery to give me relief from 10 LONG years of doctors, MRI's, steroid injections in the neck, therapists, prescriptions, and constant PAIN.

In the final months of the 2nd Age, we began a new life in Mexico. In May 2007, we arrived in Ajijic on the morning of the Mexican Mothers' Day. We had to make a few detours at 6 in the morning to get around a street that was blocked by a large mariachi band that was seranading some lucky mom. How could we ever forget the date of our arrival in Ajijic?

So, my birthday last year was part of our new adventure -- a new beginning -- the 3rd Age of This Man. Now, I'm 53 years young and still one of the youngest retirees in Ajijic and loving every minute of it.


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