Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Hate In the American West

I'm not certain that I will ever be able to understand how some adult males can be so very afraid of queer folk like me. How is it that a mere glance or look at a homophobic adult male can result in a brutal assualt? It is not only a matter of someone's repressed violent nature but of judgement. "He looked at me funny" is a piss poor excuse for attacking anyone. And, in the Colorado case referenced above, I would not want a straight but violent police officer with obvious poor judgement serving in my town. Got that, Greeley, Colorado?

I guess that maybe I've been lucky that nobody has ever misinterpreted any of my woobly eye (congenital nystagmous) glances in their direction. Fear is so phreaking irrational. What do a 28 year old man and his police sargent father have to fear about when a guy with a lazy eye might look momentarily at them?

Sargent Kell Hulsey and his 28 year old adult son have some explaining to do.


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