Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Mr. Hamilton Would Agree

I'd give my left nut to be in Denver's Mile High Stadium when Barack Obama gives his nomination acceptance speech in August. That will be a historic moment in American History. I can imagine, from my own convention experiences, that giving the acceptance speech in a convention center in front of 20,000 people would be electrifying for all in attendance. Sitting with a crowd of over 75,000 to witness that speech would be orgasmic.

History! I thought that the fall of the Berlin Wall was an extrodinary event to watch unfold and that I'd never in my lifetime see Germany united. Heck, Libya's capitulation to Bush was a little surprising. That's world history. American History is being made right in front of us. The first this, that, and the other..... We have to have those positives considering the turn in American History made when the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush to be President. Just exercising those co-equal branch of government powers, eh?

The point I'm reaching is this -- The speech that the Democratic Nominee for the 2008 Presidential Election makes will be like none other before it. With apologies to all the Great Presidents that served this nation, Barack Obama's speech, the entire Democratic Convention, and whatever happy happy joy joy balloon drop at the end occurs in that 75,000 seat stadium will all be an incredible event.

And, no so much with the good folks at CBS News. CBS Senior Vice President Paul Friedman considers it all to be non-news events. Daily Kos has the story here.

It's History, People!


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