Friday, July 11, 2008

Watching Paint Dry


I've had a busy day. Right now, I am killing time. The first application of the roof sealer is on the front half of the main house where all the rain came inside. It was pretty easy. I used an old broom to apply the sealer. And, wait.

We walked to the Plaza this morning, had lunch at David's Cafe, pulled a hunk of dough out of the money puker, visited Dr. Polo, and bought needed medication. I lost Bill after that but continued on to order cat litter from a vet store on the main drag and to order gas from the Zeta Gas folks. I walked and paid cash in advance. The "arena" will be delivered tomorrow and the gas truck already came and filled the pig out front. Oh, yeah, somewhere in there I managed to go to the store for a Coke (Coca) and a chocolate muffin for Mariana, our part-time maid.

I got a little manic and exploded at Bill for no good reason after breakfast. I apologized and let him go off to visit with some of our friends while I worked on the roof. He would have been underfoot anyway. Yes, I made a few extra trips to the roof with water for the mix but I am glad I got it all done -- the first coat.

The picture above is of a section of the roof. Note the mirador where I lounge and listen to the town. The dark stains on the brick are "high water" marks -- yes -- on the roof!!

Oh, crap. I hear thunder in the distance. I guess the roof only gets one coat today. Our friends tell us they only put on the first diluted coat. I want to do it right. I think the first coat will be dry before the rain gets here....

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Ol' Lady said...

Hope you get your leaks stopped. That is a high water mark for a roof!