Monday, July 28, 2008


If I ever lose the sense of wonder as I travel about my part of Mexico, well, I'd be dead or an ungrateful wretch. Forget all the stereotypical images you may have of Mexico. The real Mexico is diverse in its climate, geography, languages, and culture. Nope, no snoring Mexicans leaning on a wall and covered with a large sombrero around here. The closest thing to the stereotype is the old American with Alzheimers that dresses in native garb and rides a donkey through the streets.

We walked about a lot yesterday. We, of course, enjoyed the weather, our beautiful surroundings, and watching the tourists. Yep, we've been reduced to gaining some of our entertainment from watching the pink-skinned folks from Europe, Canada, other areas of Mexico, and the United States. I found myself muttering to a family of "white" people that they mustn't forget their sunscreen. I don't think they heard me.

Ajijic and the Lake Chapala region are like Ontario's "cottage country" for rich and poor folks that live in Guadalajara. The really rich Mexicans own vacation homes here and may only visit a few weekends a year. Of course, when the snowbirds leave, the amount of rental property and hotel efficientcy apartments increases. Right now is the perfect time to scope out rentals. Tourists love the beauty of this area and enjoy the closeness to Mexico's 2nd largest city. The local pyramids, volcanos, butterfly forests, agave plantations, and the town of Tequila are favored attractions.

The first picture, above, was taken yesterday. I was on our sidewalk in front of the neighbors' empty lot. Facing south, you can see Lake Chapala and the mountains across the lake from us. The second photograph was taken with the zoom.

The third photo was taken from the lake front facing north. I will never tire of looking up at those mountains.

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MarmiteToasty said...

My visions of mexico have been shattered lol..... what no stripey blanket ponchos upon old men sat hunchbacked against a wall? :)

You certainly live in the most beautiful place...... how did you end up living in mexico, if thats not to much of a personal question?

And..... its so beautiful there, so what makes all the mexicians leave and run the border to get into America?

Love the photos..... I LOVE blobs with photos....