Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Hit

"No way, no how, NO McCain!" --- Hillary Rodham Clinton, August 26, 2008, at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not Ready to Make Nice

To the rapists

To the letter writing bullying homophobes

To the Christianists

To the incredibly corrupt condohooligans


To He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Listen Closely

and FU

Making My Mark

I guess that I successfully dodged a lingering episode of depression. --- Where's the damn wood?" --- And, I feel great about it. I was considering this as I walked this morning. A year and a half ago I was an over-medicated zombie. I actually believed that I would have to forever put up with shaky hands, thirst, frequent urination, agoraphobia, and weight loss, only to name the most severe crap. Yes, I am still agoraphobic, but I really don't mind being out in public too much except that I have noticed that I grind my teeth if I am not moving. Weight loss? Woo Hoo!

The severe depression that got me off to a doctor is over. I am over my extreme grief following Dad's and Gary's deaths. Whatever else compounded the misery in my life at the time has lessened. I no longer need the entire psychiatric cocktail that I once took daily. Now with a new medication cocktail, the goal is to manage my bipolar disorder and all my other craziness.

Currently, I am taking only one atypical antidepressant and Criam, an inexpensive lithium/lamictal substitute. I no longer take any medications to sleep. The doctor and I have added Modiodal (Provigil in the U.S.) to the mix. It seems to have supplied the energy that I needed to finally adopt a serious exercise program. Less drugs and more exercise seems to be best for me. I also believe that the massive and potent shot in the ass that the doctor gave me last month contributed to my wellness. Those vitamin (and did he add a steroid?) injections are now on my monthly to do list right after paying the rent.

Today I walked my usual route in less time than yesterday and the day before and I even walked an extra lake to plaza lap. I may have been pushing it a bit. It's all good. I also got a good laugh, between huffs and puffs, as I walked past my left shoe print near the intersection of Morelos and 16 de Septiembre. A road crew has worked for two days on a 2 block stretch of my walk and by accident I stepped on one of their curing cement puddles yesterday. LMAO. Oh, well.....

Life is good. I live in Ajijic. I am not here to slowly decay and die. I live in Ajijic.

Vaya con Dios

There have been some tragic events in my blogger world in recent weeks. I cannot begin to describe the horror and sadness that I feel. The operative word here is "feel". I'm not numb. I'm not a zombie. And that's a good thing only for me.... I am having the hardest time expressing those feeling. Words are inadequate.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yes, the water is always that blue....

Monday, August 18, 2008


I spent most of Saturday in bed depressed. Yep, after nearly a month of riding "high" some lame-ass trigger sends me into a brief depressed state. I've climbed back up and am ready to resume the exercise and other good things that keep me healthy and sane. That is -- I'll get going as soon as I make a point or two....

I've been waking up in the morning earlier than my alarm and original routine expected. I guess I can blame some of my risings to the kittens. They love me and happily show me with head butts and wet Eskimo kisses. I am forever swiping the back of my hand across my face to wipe away their slobber or snot. These kisses are annoying at times, but I love every one of them....even if they come while I am trying to sleep.

Waking up early is a good thing.

Anyway. Even with the best medications and happy talk with the Doctor, I am still able to have mood swings and depressed moments. Unfortunately, life throws curve balls at those of us riding the bipolar coaster. Some "triggers" can send me into a depression or into rapid cycling. Ain't life grand? All that I can ever do is wait it out/ work it out.....

Last night as I watched ABC's Extreme Home Makeover I cried tears of joy and sadness. Did I need some sort of catharsis? I don't know, but it may have helped. I can never watch that show without some tears flowing.

Now, I feel great. I got up early (Thanks, Evita.), put out the trash, and waited for the water guy. He's been here and gone. Now, I'm off for my walk. Later.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Now They Tell Me!

Did I mention we have a mango tree in our backyard?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is Brutal

Andrew Sullivan shared this YouTube video on his website with the title "If Rove Were a Democrat". Yep. It's Rovian. You know, up is down and down is up.....


This Is Important

If money talks, the troops are saying, ‘Vote Obama’

from Crooks and Liars.

Draw your own conclusions. I can't wait to hear that Rush or Hannity accuse the troops of not supporting the troops. Do they wear flag lapel pins?

Sunday, August 10, 2008


While walking through the streets of Ajijic, I often hear "adios" used as both a greeting and a farewell. Villagers passing on opposite sides of the street smile, wave, and declare to each other "Go with God" -- "Adios". "Hola" is frequently used as a quick "Hi". "Buenos Dias" or "Bueno Dia" (swallow the final "s") may follow the "Hola" greeting.

It isn't always easy to get the older women of the village to look up and greet you. A warm smile usually does the trick. The most difficult folks, it seems, are the gringas viejas. The older American (and sometimes Canadian) women are the toughest nuts to crack. They seem the most self-absorbed and unwilling to look at passersby. I see more of them as my walking/exercise time is now in the mornings.

I really can't comment on the Mexican men in the village. I don't see as many on the streets as most are off working through the day. The street vendors, most of whom are men, smile easily and greet you with enthusiasm. After all, they want to sell you a cheap watch, sunglasses, lace tablecloths, fruit (What are those red spiny things?), nuts, roasted corn, or cotton shirts that everyone says come from China and are modestly decorated with strips of ribbon.

I am discovering more about village life as I walk (and walk and walk and walk) in the morning. I usally make it to the Plaza before the shops surrounding it are open. It is quiet there, then. The streets and sidewalks along the main tourist drag are empty except for the maids sweeping and washing the walks in front of the shops, realtors, hotels, restaurants, and bars. I enjoy the quiet and appreciate the fact that I can take long strides up and down the hill from the lake to the Plaza without having to stop for or avoid tourists.

After my walk today, I sat in the shade of the trees in the public park next to the Ajijic pier. The sky was mostly clear and I watched the clouds drift over the peaks of Cerro de Garcia across the lake. The villages resting in the shadow of the "little mountain" were more visible than usual, as were the distant farm fields. The vistas here are breathtaking.

What a start to a beautiful sunny day!

The pictures above were taken a few days ago. I was on the roof and I climbed up on the base of one of our two water tanks. That is Cerro de Garcia and Lake Chapala. The first picture is without the zoom. See, I told you I live in Paradise.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


You really can't make this shit up!

Picture an old man, a hammer, and some motor oil......

then, again, don't.

Why I Walk

Your Brain On Exercise: How Working Out Makes You Smarter is an article on ---

A review of studies published earlier this month, in fact, found that a balanced diet and regular exercise can protect the brain and ward off mental disorders.

Other research has focused just on the effects of exercise. The bottom line: Exercisers learn faster, remember more, think clearer and bounce back more easily from brain injuries such as a stroke. They are also less prone to depression and age-related cognitive decline.



The last few years of my teaching career were difficult on a number of levels. One of the things I had to endure was a bully. You see, unfortunately, I spent more than half my week in a computer lab that was across the hall from the classroom of a bully. Yes, a fellow teacher and professed Christian(ist) is/was a teacher that bullies/bullied her students. From time to time, I would hear the things she said to her class and to individual students who were in the hallway or sitting in the classroom. Disgusting and horrible.

Robert Greenwald has a short film about another and more famous bully. He also has a website here to tell you more ---


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

John McCain: Pathetic

Quick Hits

John McCain has taken the low road, despite his promises, with campaign commercials that not only are factually wrong, but also fail to address any issues of importance in the 2008 Presidential Election. John McCain also laid down the race card claiming Senator Obama did it first in an attempt to deflect criticism of the racist overtones in a recent campaign commercial. Shame on you, John.

Senator Obama responded with the claim that John McCain and his campaign are not racists, just cynical. That was kind.

Cynical -- adj.
  1. Believing or showing the belief that people are motivated chiefly by base or selfish concerns; skeptical of the motives of others: a cynical dismissal of the politician's promise to reform the campaign finance system.
  2. Selfishly or callously calculating: showed a cynical disregard for the safety of his troops in his efforts to advance his reputation.
  3. Negative or pessimistic, as from world-weariness: a cynical view of the average voter's intelligence.
  4. Expressing jaded or scornful skepticism or negativity: cynical laughter.
I've received a couple more anti-Obama emails. I really hope those sending me this shit are just cynical and not racist. One question I should ask since one of those folks also sent me anti-Kerry crap is: You voted for George W. Bush, how did that work out?

Lucky Day

I found the equivalent of a penny on a sidewalk today. The shiny 10 centavos coin was in my path as I was returning home. Of course, I picked it up. It was a rare find considering the almost neurotic cleaning of sidewalks and streets in Ajijic. Lucky me. I decided to put it in a "pocket" in my wallet. I don't believe in luck, mind you, just some folks seem to have dumb luck.

I've been walking every day for the past two weeks. I've changed my path to the Plaza and now have a very long trek that takes me down a beautiful tree-lined street directly to the lake. I walk along the lake to the Ajijic pier, up the main tourist drag, and onto the Plaza. I rest, rehydrate, and walk back to the pier. I have been enjoying sitting in the park next to the pier. It is so peaceful. My final leg takes me up to a street that runs parallel to the lake. I go down that long street, then up the tree-lined Calle de Juan Alvarez to Guadalupe Victoria where I live.

I went out without Billy today and was able to really stretch my long 33" legs. The sidewalks going and coming are in excellent shape. I don't feel like a goat climbing our mountainside while walking along them. I was doing so well that when I was a little more than half way to the pier that I felt the endorphins kick in and give me the extra boost I needed and the shit-eating grin that I always get when exercising.

Now, with my exercise and eating kilos of apples, chicken, and tuna I am bound to deflate the spare tire hanging over my belt. I feel great. If I have been neglecting this blog, it is due to how tired I am when I return and how happy I've been. How can I get upset about what I can't change? Why bother?

I took the photograph above yesterday. This is the spot where I reach the lake and begin to walk towards the Ajijic pier.