Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lucky Day

I found the equivalent of a penny on a sidewalk today. The shiny 10 centavos coin was in my path as I was returning home. Of course, I picked it up. It was a rare find considering the almost neurotic cleaning of sidewalks and streets in Ajijic. Lucky me. I decided to put it in a "pocket" in my wallet. I don't believe in luck, mind you, just some folks seem to have dumb luck.

I've been walking every day for the past two weeks. I've changed my path to the Plaza and now have a very long trek that takes me down a beautiful tree-lined street directly to the lake. I walk along the lake to the Ajijic pier, up the main tourist drag, and onto the Plaza. I rest, rehydrate, and walk back to the pier. I have been enjoying sitting in the park next to the pier. It is so peaceful. My final leg takes me up to a street that runs parallel to the lake. I go down that long street, then up the tree-lined Calle de Juan Alvarez to Guadalupe Victoria where I live.

I went out without Billy today and was able to really stretch my long 33" legs. The sidewalks going and coming are in excellent shape. I don't feel like a goat climbing our mountainside while walking along them. I was doing so well that when I was a little more than half way to the pier that I felt the endorphins kick in and give me the extra boost I needed and the shit-eating grin that I always get when exercising.

Now, with my exercise and eating kilos of apples, chicken, and tuna I am bound to deflate the spare tire hanging over my belt. I feel great. If I have been neglecting this blog, it is due to how tired I am when I return and how happy I've been. How can I get upset about what I can't change? Why bother?

I took the photograph above yesterday. This is the spot where I reach the lake and begin to walk towards the Ajijic pier.

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MarmiteToasty said...

The old saying goes 'find a centavos and pick it up, then all day long you'll have good luck' :)

Your walk sounds lovely....I hope the chicken you eat is not a cousin of Janet :)