Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Making My Mark

I guess that I successfully dodged a lingering episode of depression. --- Where's the damn wood?" --- And, I feel great about it. I was considering this as I walked this morning. A year and a half ago I was an over-medicated zombie. I actually believed that I would have to forever put up with shaky hands, thirst, frequent urination, agoraphobia, and weight loss, only to name the most severe crap. Yes, I am still agoraphobic, but I really don't mind being out in public too much except that I have noticed that I grind my teeth if I am not moving. Weight loss? Woo Hoo!

The severe depression that got me off to a doctor is over. I am over my extreme grief following Dad's and Gary's deaths. Whatever else compounded the misery in my life at the time has lessened. I no longer need the entire psychiatric cocktail that I once took daily. Now with a new medication cocktail, the goal is to manage my bipolar disorder and all my other craziness.

Currently, I am taking only one atypical antidepressant and Criam, an inexpensive lithium/lamictal substitute. I no longer take any medications to sleep. The doctor and I have added Modiodal (Provigil in the U.S.) to the mix. It seems to have supplied the energy that I needed to finally adopt a serious exercise program. Less drugs and more exercise seems to be best for me. I also believe that the massive and potent shot in the ass that the doctor gave me last month contributed to my wellness. Those vitamin (and did he add a steroid?) injections are now on my monthly to do list right after paying the rent.

Today I walked my usual route in less time than yesterday and the day before and I even walked an extra lake to plaza lap. I may have been pushing it a bit. It's all good. I also got a good laugh, between huffs and puffs, as I walked past my left shoe print near the intersection of Morelos and 16 de Septiembre. A road crew has worked for two days on a 2 block stretch of my walk and by accident I stepped on one of their curing cement puddles yesterday. LMAO. Oh, well.....

Life is good. I live in Ajijic. I am not here to slowly decay and die. I live in Ajijic.

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Jon said...

Checking in, I'm glad life is good. Hope things stay that way.